Tich Gwilym

The untimely death was announced in late June 2005 of legendary guitar player 'Tich Gwilym' who died in a house fire. Tich played regularly at the JimJam and always drew a great crowd, he will be sadly missed. 
A rare pic of a young Tich, playing with Lone Star at the time. Tich's lifelong friend Mike Monk set up the 'Tich Gwilym Foundation' to help pay for musical instruments and lessons for underprivileged youngsters

On July 14th, Mrs Hugget drummer Colin and bass player Craig played along with Edwin Mason and Glyn Knight as the house band at the JimJam. A collection was made towards the Foundation and 350 was raised. 

Tich & ex partner Diane just after the birth of their daughter A sell-out gig was then put on in August by Mike Monk at the Coal Exchange for the Tich Gwilym Foundation. Among the many players were Racing Cars, Snatch it Back, Man and Sassafras. Another gig to raise funds for the foundation took place at The NUM Club Tonypandy on Nov 8th. Among the bands were Snatch it Back, The Navigators and The Boogiemen
Tich & Singer Reggie in happier times one night at the Royal Oak.

Tich's most recent band, 'Mrs Hugget' which included Colin on drums and Craig on bass, often played at the JimJam. They teamed up with local guitar wizard 'Glyn Knight' and reformed 'Tiger Bay' (for those of you who remember the Moon Club at the Hayes, Cardiff.).

Memories of Tich and his unique style will no doubt live on within the S.Wales live music scene for years to come.

Tich singing with Paul Chapman of UFO at the Royal Oak.

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